Booksie’s Blog Reviews THIS FAR ISN’T FAR ENOUGH

Booksie's Blog header for "This Far Isn't Far Enough" a novel by Lynn Sloan

In these fourteen short stories, Lynn Sloan invites the reader into her thoughts about life and delights and surprises them.  I don’t read anthologies that often as they are often repetitive; each story showing another take on events that ends up being much like the story before and the story after.  That’s not true of Sloan’s work.  Each story stands on its own as a separate jewel, displaying a quirky twist that the reader rarely sees coming.

In Nature Rules, a woman who has withdrawn from life and all its demands on her is pulled back into her children’s lives in a crisis.  In Near Miss, a painter must decide between his wife and a potential child and his freedom to pursue other women.  In Ollie’s Back, a chef is trying to make a comeback after an investor ruined his restaurant.  These are just three of the stories but each is fresh and engaging.  This book is recommended for readers interested in choices made by individuals and the fallout from those decisions.