Cover Image: "Midstream," a novel by Lynn Sloan

It’s 1974, and America is restless, with the Vietnam War winding to a close, and feminists marching in the streets. Polly Wainwright respects the protesters’ demands for equal pay, but now nearing middle age, won’t risk her security. 

This Far Isn't Far Enough by Lynn Sloan; book cover
This Far Isn’t Far Enough

In the fourteen powerful and diverse short stories that make up her collection, THIS FAR ISN’T FAR ENOUGH, Lynn Sloan writes about people on the edges.

Principals of Navigation cover image, a novel by Lynn Sloan
Principals of Navigation

In a small town in Indiana, on the cusp of the new millennium, local reporter Alice Becotte wants what should be simple: a baby to fill her heart and complete her family.