Fomite Authors at Women & Children First Bookstore


The unofficial Chicago branch of Fomite authors met at Women & Children First Bookstore in Chicago to celebrate the launch of Julie Justicz’s debut novel Degrees of Difficulty.

Fomite Authors: Jan English Leary, Maggie Kast, Julie E. Justicz, Lynn Sloan

Jan English Leary, Thicker Than Blood (Fomite 2015), Skating on the Vertical (Fomite 2017)
Maggie Kast, A Free, Unsullied Land (Fomite 2015)
Julie E. Justicz, Degrees of Difficulty (Fomite 2019)
Lynn Sloan, Principles of Navigation (Fomite 2015), This Far Isn’t Far Enough (Fomite 2018)