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  • Sunday Salon: Lynn Sloan guest reader

    Lynn Sloan reads at Sunday Salon Chicago at the Roscoe Books, Chicago, on November 19, 2023. Joining her on stage are the poets, Elizabeth Strauss Friedman and Ruben Quesada, and the novelist and storywriter, Janice Deal. Sloan selected a soon-to-be published short story to read at this event. Sloan last participated in Sunday Salon Chicago…

  • Guest Post on The Next Best Book Blog

    Downsizing a personal collection of books is not an easy feat for a booklover. More accuractely, it is probably a task that most booklovers procrastinate at or avoid at all costs! Just the thought of removing books from my shelves to place into storage bins gives me anxiety… let alone contemplating CULLING any. To read click:

  • Chicago chapter of Fomite

    Last night we Chicago authors published by Fomite had a fun evening with Donna Bister, manager of Fomite. Great conversation on topics ranging from singing, food, childhood stories, and the state of publishing. Left to right: Maggie Kast, author of the novel A Free, Unsullied Land, Donna Bister, Fomite manager, Jan English Leary, author of the…

  • A great discussion about today’s small press

    At Northwestern University Summer Writing Conference 2017, Marylee MacDonald, author of Montpelier Tomorrow, a novel, published by ATTM Press and Bonds of Love & Blood, a story collection, published by Summertime Publications, and I, author of Principles of Navigation, a novel, published by Fomite, spoke about the ways the new publishing landscape created by small presses and how this new landscape has built…

  • Why read books?

    A few months ago I visited the Chequamegon Book and Coffee Company in Washburn, Wisconsin. Finding Louise Erdrich’s Books & Islands in Ojibwe Country seemed like serendipity, since I was on my way to Madeline Island, or Mooningwanekaaning, in the Ojibwe language. In this book Erdrich ponders the question of why she loves books. She writes: Books. Why?