The Shenandoah Prize for Fiction

A surprise: my story “Nature Rules” that appeared in Shenandoah in fall, 2017 received an honorable mention for The Shenandoah Prize for Fiction. Many awards have lots of categories, winner, finalist, semi-finalist, honorable mention, and sometimes more categories, so I don’t usually find that receiving an honorable mention is worth mentioning. But the Shenandoah Prize includes one winner and one honorable mention in each category, so I am extremely honored, and thrilled.

I learned the news while reading R. T. Smith’s final “Editor’s Note,” published in April, 2018.

I am pleased to announce our annual prizes for the most distinguished works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction to appear in volume 67 of Shenandoah… and I send out my congratulations to the recipients, the honorable mentions… Lynn Sloan’s “Nature Rules” in fiction