Category: Short Stories

  • The Shenandoah Prize for Fiction

    A surprise: my story “Nature Rules” that appeared in Shenandoah in fall, 2017 received an honorable mention for The Shenandoah Prize for Fiction. Many awards have lots of categories, winner, finalist, semi-finalist, honorable mention, and sometimes more categories, so I don’t usually find that receiving an honorable mention is worth mentioning. But the Shenandoah Prize includes one winner…

  • “Nature Rules” appears in SHENANDOAH

    … Sandro? Sandro, thickset and old? She’d never imagined him aging. She ducked back—he couldn’t have seen her—and reached for her shotgun… I am thrilled that my story “Nature Rules” appears in the fall 2017 issue of Shenandoah,​ a prestigious literary journal that began publishing in 1949.

  • Shoes: A story

    ALVINA LEDBEITER needed a new pair of shoes. Not that anyone would see them on her she still had a few occasions where she wanted to look sharp before she laid her head on as, for all Eternity. Duke Crocker’s ninety-third for starters where she intended to outshine that widow- ladies who believed he had…